Tuesday, December 14, 2010

:: x.t.v.t ::

finally, i safely arrived at my hometown which the most place that i missed so much!!
after a long journey from seri iskandar - pangkor island - cameron highland - kl for a great gugurl vacations with cik azie, cik ct, cik kenit, cik dina n cik angah..
[ thanx u ols for the great moments ]

snorkeling time... :D

on top of kellies castle roof..... :D

[ pix at cameron highland is not in my record as my camera bateri was 'kong' oredi..huhu]

after all of this suke2 time, now focus on the serius thing that i shud concentrate more since there is another 2 months ++ for my big day.. pejam celik pejam celik the time is almost close to come... haaiihh so many thing which not settle yet... [pening kepala]
last week [11-12/12/2010], my mr. fiancée n i was attended a 'kursus perkahwinan' at zura's academic, bangsar.. the favourite place that celebrities alwez to attend the kursus. but unfortunately there is no celebrities pun yg attend the kursus on that day... [bukan musim artis berkahwin kot..huhuhu]
very pack time, bored and interesting mixed all together..
finally berjaya jugak 'grad' on time..hihihi..

dis week, here in home... bz for preparing all kind of documents to submit to jabatan agama daerah..
my mr. fiancée will take leave as well [next monday n tuesday]...
1. fill up the application form
2. preparing all document [ic lah, wali, saksi..haaiihh byknye]
3. meet imam jurunikah
4. HIV test
5. submit application form to jabatan agama daerah
[rumit jugak nk kahwin ni rupenye ek...ngeee]

next sunday pulak, shopping for the 'hantaran' [baru beli 3 jek last month..huhu, byk lagi nk kua duit nih...]
and also for pre wedding photoshoot! the most activity which i love and wait for that! ngeee....
sementara cuti panjang ni, so many thing to do... sabar ajelah...


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