Thursday, October 06, 2011

Minyi The Cat

Hi peeps! Let introduce my new pet, named MINYI... !

"Hi, my name is Minyi. I'm 8 months old.. I'm a male. Million thanx to Meowmy Nur for adopting me from Meowmy Lia. Meowmy Lia have to go back to Indonesia since she has been graduated from MMU, Cyberjaya. I do missed her much, but at the same time I'm happy coz Meowmy Nur willing to adopt me, give me shelter and love! Not only her, Daddy also care about me. Meowmy Nur got hospitalized (since 4 oct 2011), Daddy is the one who really care about me, feeds me, give me a shower, clean up my poo n pee, and play with me as well before he go to the hospital to accompany Meowmy Nur. (Meowmy, pls get well soon ya!)

I'm really happy with my new family, but deep in my heart i wish that Meowmy Lia will happy forever, n good luck for her future miss me, ok!-LOVE U MEOWMYs! "

See?? how cute he is, right? Minyi is very active cat.. asyik la main kt uma tu, habis dicakar2 nye sofa aku yg xberapa nk ade even he already has his own scratching pad n toys. but still, aku hepi dgn keletah dia yg suke berlari2 dlm uma main bola, melompat2 mcm monyet xreti dok diam, selalu urut badan aku kalo dia dok bertandang kt atas katil time aku tido, n yg paling seronok dia akan temankan aku bt aktiviti kt uma (masak, kemas uma, tgk tv, sidai baju, n mcm2 lagi). at least time encik suami g keje, boleh la dia temankan aku kt uma.. :)

xsabar nk discharge esok..doktor bagi mc seminggu lagi.. kalo da ok bole la aku balik perak. n of course Minyi akan ikut aku balik sane!

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